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How to Submit
Your Order

Insurance coverage for our products is available from most Health Insurance Carriers under "Durable Medical Equipment." Your coverage is dependent on your specific plan. The following items are needed:

1. A prescription from your physician.

2. The Richmond Light Company Order Form and a signed Condition of Sale Form.

3. A copy, front and back, of your “health insurance” and/or “Medicare” card.  If you have had any contact with your insurance carrier, the name and contact number for that person.

We may have to ask your physician for a "letter of necessity". It should state that you are a good candidate for UV phototherapy, which represents a medical and fiscally efficient treatment for your skin condition. Most physicians who regularly prescribe home phototherapy have these letters available. Should you or your physician need representative samples, please let us know. This "letter" is usually required for Medicare Coverage.

We may have to ask your physician for any medical records showing your current treatment is recurrent and expensive, thus demonstrating that home phototherapy is a cost-effective option.

Many Health Insurance Carriers require a "Preauthorization for Purchase" of the unit. We will obtain this for you if possible. However, some plans require that you or your physician request this.

You are now ready to place your order. Mail or fax the prescription along with the Order Form and Condition of Sale Form to The Richmond Light Company. If your primary insurance is through Medicare, you should also send the "letter of necessity."

Medicare recipients are reimbursed directly; therefore, it will be necessary for you to pay The Richmond Light Company prior to shipment. Be sure to complete the Medicare information on our Order Form. We will submit the necessary forms to Medicare.

All financial arrangements must be made prior to the unit being released for shipment.