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Replacement Lamps

Lamps are stocked for all units sold by The Richmond Light Company.

Prices on single lamps are:

FS40T12-UVB-BP 4 foot lamp call for price
FS72-SL-T12-UVB 6 foot lamp call for price
FS72T12-UVB-HO 6 foot lamp call for price
TL 100W/01 Philips UVB Narrow Band 6 foot lamp call for price



When ordering lamps for a unit not manufactured by The Richmond Light Company, you must download and complete the Lamp Order Form and Condition of Sale Form and mail or FAX it to us. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, you may obtain it by downloading it from the Adobe web site. A prescription from your physician must accompany your order.