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Panosol II®
4-lamp unit

    Available in Narrow Band UVB or Broadband UVB.


Panosol II® home phototherapy light unit provides the benefits of physician-guided UVB or NB-UVB treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own home, with this 4 lamp single panel model. Physician maintains control of the phototherapy treatment regimen through the use of Panosol II®'s exclusive CPT Timer®.

  • CPT® Timer assures accurate dosage.
  • High efficiency reflector design maximizes lamp output
  • Operates on standard household current
  • Casters for easy moving and storage
  • Goggles and user manual included
  • Safety Features
    Failsafe features disables unit in event of emergency
    Key-locked ON/OFF switch lock to prevent unauthorized usage.
    Maximum 10-minute treatment setting on UVB timer.

  • Covered by Warranty
    Three year warranty on parts and labor, three months on lamps.